I love people.  My friends are my wealth.  I love to communicate.  Therefore, I blog.

You probably arrived at this blog because you are on my e-mail list, because you know me from Vermont, or from Jane Street, or from the bicycle or music community, or perhaps because we met along the way.  If you found me some other way, please let me know how.  Thanks  for visiting.

This blog is about my 2012 bicycle trip. For 309 days, from January 9 to November 9, I rode from London to Hong Kong. I passed through seventeen countries, a dozen different languages, eight time zones. Camping mostly, staying with Warm Showers hosts and Couchsurfing hosts, and in the occasional hotel room, I pedaled long hours, enjoyed the weather, ate good food, drank good beer and wine, slept soundly, played music, and met wonderful people.

My impressions? Beautiful planet. Densely peopled in places and nearly deserted in others. Those I met were really nice, generous, salt-of-the-earth types, for the most part. Some were outstanding human beings, the kind that a guy feels lucky to meet. Already a pretty lucky fellow, now I feel that I am most likely the luckiest man in the world, and pretty close to the happiest. I feel a lot of gratitude to the people who helped me along and befriended me. The trip was harder physically, and easier mentally, than I had anticipated. Without the help of the wonderful people you will meet in my blog posts, I would have suffered much, and suffered alone. Their generosity and warmth has made me a more loving, generous person.

Soon my stories will wind down and I will start planning, and blogging about, my next adventure. For now I am still in a daze, assimilating, pondering, getting used to the new person that I am, so similar to the old one, so different. Please enjoy these posts.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Billy,
    Just curious if you had a nice ride along the dutch coast!?My husband was disappointed he missed you and sent you best luck on the trip(Jalous we are for sure) ENJOY!
    Greetings ,Margrethe

  2. Billy, thanks for friending me on Facebook. I read your blog and enjoyed immensely. Brought me back to my own back packing travels of 15 years ago. Best of luck to you on your journey. Had a great music night at JB’s recently and of course thought of you. Out drumming with The Dog Catchers last weekend. You know the music is good when it is suddenly 1:00 in the morning – and there is a big shit eating grin locked on your face. Happy travels… And be of good cheer.

  3. Hey Billy,
    I am curious, I have been getting your posts via email but I thought I’d see if I had missed any. Oddly enough your blog only carries your posts through June 26, (not the most recent one.) Does it take a while for the blog to catch up?
    Crossing Russia sounds like a rather long exercise in self discipline and perseverance ( after all that vodka and beer, now the endless trucker’s highway with endless camping and no hospitality…I suppose you might call that “balance”!) It doesn’t sound like much fun, driving on a tire splint-patched with a piece of a water bottle, dodging the occasional projectiles from a passing trucker. But you seem to be taking the good with the bad with a sense of equanimity.
    I hadn’t realized you were trying to make Hong Kong in time to sell Christmas trees in late November. NOW I understand why you are so focused on your destination and not taking lengthy detours to meet people in towns far from the highway. I didn’t realize you were thinking of further adventures for next year. Hurrah! You speak to my gypsy spirit.

  4. Hey there,
    Just thought I should post a comment to (a) say hello, and (b) let any interested parties know that you were alive and well as of 16th September; if stranded without an internet connection in electricity-less, cold-water Sainshand.
    Hope your travels are continuing well! I’m now back in merry olde Englande – normal life takes over very quickly!…
    Take care,

  5. Hi Billy, my name is Dan. I and my riding partner Joe, stayed for a night at your house in Shoreham on our way cross country back in 2002. Just wanted to say thanks again and I hope all is well with you and your great family.


    • Hi, Dan. I’ve hosted a lot of riders, but I think I remember you. Were you not headed east to Boston in the last days of your tour?

      Lot of water under the bridge since then. Kids grown of course, all doing well, and four hearty grandsons. Patti passed away in 2016. I’m 68 and never expected old age to be so damn good. I hope you are still riding and enjoying life as much as you were then, or even more. (Although it is hard to enjoy anything as much as being on the road on two wheels!)

      I would love it if you get up to Vermont and stop by again (I am not far from the old place in Shoreham). Get in touch this way and we can tell all our old touring stories to each other.

      Your Friend,

      Billy Romp

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